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Every set of tunes are built specifically for your machine based off your current mods and additional requirements.

The Ezlynk Autoagent 3 and Polaris diagnostic cable will allow you to flash our custom tuning into your ECM using the Ezlynk app on your phone.

The Ezlynk app will allow you access to all of our custom tune files and you will be automatically sent new files as we make updates over time.

You will be provided with a Stock tune file, Stock tune file with Seatbelt limits removed and your selection of custom tune files.

The Ezlynk device also has full datalogging and diagnostic capabilities. Read and clear check engine codes or datalog engine parameter's and sensors. Easily send recorded datalogs to us for review.

Some of the features include:

Speed limits removed.
Seatbelt limits removed.
Brakestand limits removed.
Reverse and low range limits removed.
No false misfire codes. 65590, 65591, 65592.
Considerable increase in fuel economy.
Lower fan enable temperatures.
Better throttle response.

Exact power gains will vary between machines but we will always be able to get the most performance possible out of your current setup.

If you have any custom requests like sensor delete/rescale, OS swaps or flex fuel mods just leave them in the mods list and we should be able to make it happen.

Wideband machines have a Blue sensor wire in the exhaust. Narrowband machines have a Black sensor wire in the exhaust.

4 Week support package gives you access to our custom tune files for 4 weeks. You will need to upgrade to the unlimited support package after this time if you need to change your tune.

Unlimited support package gives you access to our custom tune files and updates forever.