Efi Live Custom Tuning for 07.5-09 6.7 Cummins

Efi Live Custom Tuning for 07.5-09 6.7 Cummins

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Every set of tunes is built specifically for your truck, mods and requirements.

Some of the features include :
All torque and speed limiters gone.
Disable Pre/Post Injection events.
Exhaust brake persists through key cycle.
Exhaust brake power increased and enabled down to 20kmh or 13mph
Considerable fuel mileage gains over the stock calibrations.
Dramatically improved pedal sensitivity over stock tuning.
2nd gear lockup in tow haul mode.
No derates or shutdowns enabled. Truck will never leave you stranded or limit your speed for any reason.

Default power levels include:

1- STOCK +0hp
3- TOW +75hp
4- STREET +120hp
5- RACE +180hp

CSP5 tuning will include 5 tune files that can be switched at any time while driving. You can use a efi live v2, efi live autocal or CSP5 switch to change between these tune levels.

If your using an existing Autocal please note the device serial number in the mods list.

Please confirm you have entered the correct VIN and Transmission before placing the order. You will be charged a tune file update fee if its entered incorrectly. Just give us a email or call if you need to confirm details about your vehicle.

Any questions? Send us an email!