Engine/Transmission Tuning for 03-07 5.9 Cummins

Engine/Transmission Tuning for 03-07 5.9 Cummins

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We work directly with the owner in person or over the internet utilizing remote access software to create a one-off tune specific to your truck and configuration.

From simple Fuel Economy & Towing to full out max effort race tunes-
Full Datalogging & Diagnostics-
Engine & Transmission Tuning-
Disable Torque & Speed Limiters-
Full fueling enabled to 5000rpm-
Remove manual trans shift speed limiters (shift gears fast like small car)
Calibrate Gear Ratios & Speedometer-
Disable Pre/Post Injection-
Launch control-
Disable SKIM & DTC's-
Enable High Idle Function-
And much more-


Includes 1 year of tuning support! Happy to help with tune updates to account for larger injectors/turbo/dual pumps etc. Just send me an email with your current tune and details on what you have changed.

Any questions? Send us an email!